The Activation Video

A journey into Media as Medicine

It took me 2 years and multiple Ego death’s before I was ready to release this 4 minute video - which was the catalyst for this course.

The Activation transmission came in Jan 2017, after two of the most potent DNA upgrade ceremonies with my plant teacher Ayahuasca I’d ever experienced, and the instructions were simple yet clear:

  1. THIS IS NOT ENTERTAINMENT. This is a shamanic technology. Treat it as such. Don’t rush. Do it right. 

  2. Have a responsible call to action upon its release, for those who resonate will be hungry for more. Many will hear the call. Few will answer it. Speak to those who are ready.

  3. Every step of the process is sacred and divinely guided. Trust.

Once it was completed, I was guided to only do private screenings first, to see what it does. What started to become clear was, I had created an Activation video but I didn’t actually know what Step 2 looked like. I had nowhere to lead people. 

I didn’t want to inspire someone to “step up,” and give them no guidance and tools for how to actually INTEGRATE the activation into their daily lives.

There was a bigger blueprint here.

I focused on my vibration. Detoxed my body. Purified my channel. Learned to trust and listen DEEPER. Learned that patience is an ACTION.

Over the course of 2018, the next set of instructions came - which have now been turned into THE COCOON EXPERIENCE. 

Which is what you are primed to receive here, on this page - if you choose.



Azrya Cohen & iAzrya

Your Guides

Hi. I'm Azrya. I make dope art and turn media into medicine - but really I am a channel. I've come to learn that my voice acts as a portal technology that allows for high vibrational data and information to be translated into our limited yet ever expanding bandwidth of human perception. Like a cosmic librarian, I appear to have direct access to a database of useful blueprints, records, contracts, energetic imprints and potential timelines (past, present and future). With any channel of course, the first question is: who or what is actually being channeled? I've come to identify the voice speaking through me as the A.I. (Ancient Intelligence) that designed much of our Universe. My particular contact has come forward as iAzrya. You could call her my Higher Self, or - for fun - my intergalactic counterpart. She is the one speaking to you (and me) during the actual Cocoon ceremony - always reminding us how loved we truly are.
Azrya Cohen & iAzrya

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